Monday, April 22, 2024
Our services include heat treatment of carbon and alloy steel products up to 10 Mg.

We perform normalising, quenching and tempering, annealing, soft annealing and solution heat treatment operations.

We have very modern equipment for heat treatment processes. Our offer includes hardening in polymer solutions or water.

Cutting steel product with a band-saw.
We guarantee excellent quality and geometry of the cut surfaces, minimum discard for cutting (2 mm). We have a modern machine park which allows for cutting products of toughness up to 400 HB.

Non-destructive testing of steel products.
We have a qualified and certified personnel in compliance with PN - EN 472:2008, appropriate equipment and expertise in non-destructive testing, which makes it possible to test a wide range of products. We perform the following tests:

- ultrasonic tests in compliance with SEP 1920, SEP 1921, PN-EN 10308:2004; PN-EN 10228-3:2002;
- magnetic tests in compliance with PN-EN 10228-1:2002;
- penetration tests in compliance with PN-EN 571-1:1999;
We ensure the possibility of preparing surfaces according to the requirements of each of the tests listed above.

Mechanical working of bulky components on turning and boring lathes. We have equipment for mechanical working of components up to 3200 mm in diameter using turning and boring lathes.

We render mechanical working services using the following machines:

Centre lathe TRB 90
- max. turning diameter Ø 900/570
- max. turning length L 1700

Centre lathe TAURUS
- max. turning diameter Ø 430
- max. turning length L 1000

Turning and boring numerically controlled lathe KNA 110
- max. turning diameter Ø 1100/1350
- max. turning height H 1200

Turning and boring lathe JŁ532
- max. turning diameter Ø 2800/3150
- max. turning height H 1200

Turning and boring lathe 1525
- max. turning diameter Ø2240/2500
- max. turning height H 1200

Radial drilling machine WR 663
- max. pitch diameter Ø 1500
- max. diameter of the drilled holes Ø 50